Maralinga’s Long Shadow – Review

Maralinga's Long Shadow - Book Cover

I’ve just read Christobel Mattingley’s, “Maralinga’s Long Shadow – Yvonne’s Story”. It’s not very often that I sit down and read a book from cover to cover, but that is exactly what happened! “Yvonne’s story” tells of the severe impact that the bombing programme had on the lives of many Aboriginal people. It also tells…

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Dig for secrets: the lesson of Maralinga’s Vixen B

Maralinga sandhills, Photo by Wayne England

The following article was written by Liz Tynan, Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator Research Student Academic Support, James Cook University, and published on “The Conversation”. Liz Tynan, James Cook University Occasionally I give guest lectures to undergraduates about Maralinga. In most cases, the students have never heard of the place. A small number may have heard…

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Silent Storm, Hedley Marston’s radiation tests

CSIRO ScienceImage Hedley Marston 1900-1965 radition experiments put him at odds with the government

A documentary about the measuring of radiation following the British Australian nuclear tests beginning in the 1950s. The British and Australian governments covered up the dangers. Focus on Hedley Marston’s secret experiments and his attempts to alert the public.

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Thanks Robin!

Thanks Robin, for an amazing insight to our atomic history. Your rendition of the events that occurred at this place were well communicated and informative.

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